Research Projects


Methods developement and statistical consulting for several projects in immunology using RNA-seq, microarrays, and CyTOF data.

In collaboration with Catherine Blish and her lab at Stanford School of Medicine

  • Paper: bioRxiv
  • R package: in preparation

Functional Brain Connectivity

We model functional brain connectivity using multivariate heteroscedasticity.

Data Integration and Analysis in Neuroscience

We combine heterogeneous brain data (structural and diffusion images with cognitive tests) to explain how neuroanatomical differences are associated with cognition in girls with Turner syndrome.

In collaboration with Allan L. Reiss and his lab at Stanford School of Medicine

  • Paper: in revision
  • R package: github

Markov Chain Monte Carlo in High Dimensions

We estimate running times of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in high dimensions using Riemannian geometry and coarse Ricci curvature. This has applications in sampling form high dimensional posterior distributions arising in computational anatomy.

Bayesian Image Registration

We quantify uncertainty in medical image registration algorithms.

Clustering of Deformation Fields in Compuational Anatomy

We infer regions of interests from a set of deformation vector fields using Bayesian Nonparametrics.

Hierarchical Modeling in Compuational Anatomy

We introduce structured diffeomorphic deformations to handle multiscale anatomical organs, e.g. mandibles. We propose a novel hierarchical structure and a general linear model for deformations.

Cell Shape Classifier

We classify stem cells during differentiation based on their shape from time-lapse video microscopy.

Modeling of Soft Tissue Deformations with Markov Random Fields

We implement fast GPU code using shader processing to model soft tissue deformations with Markov Random Fields.

  • Wikipedia entry citing our work: link
  • Paper: pdf
  • Software: github