(most of these papers are on ResearchGate and some on PubMed)


  1. CD38 Is a Key Regulator of Enhanced NK Cell Immune Responses During Pregnancy Through its Role in Immune Synapse Formation
    M. Le Gars, C. Seiler, A. Kay, N. Bayless, E. Starosvetsky, L. Moore, S. Shen-Orr, N. Aziz, C. Dekker, P. Khatri, G. Swan, M. Davis, S. Holmes, C. Blish

  2. Curvature and Concentration of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in High Dimensions
    S. Holmes, S. Rubinstein-Salzedo, and C. Seiler

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  1. Differential Induction of IFN-α and Modulation of CD112 and CD54 Expression Govern the Magnitude of NK Cell IFN-γ Response to Influenza A Viruses
    L. Kronstad, C. Seiler, R. Vergara, S. Holmes, C. Blish
    The Journal of Immunology, Volume 201, Issue 7, October 2018, Pages 2117–2131
    bioRxiv, DOI, github

  2. Multi-Table Differential Correlation Analysis of Neuroanatomical and Cognitive Interactions in Turner Syndrome
    C. Seiler, T. Green, D. Hong, L. Chromik, L. Huffman, S. Holmes, and A.L. Reiss
    Neuroinformatics, Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 81–93
    pdf, view, DOI

  3. Multivariate Heteroscedasticity Models for Functional Brain Connectivity
    C. Seiler and S. Holmes
    Frontiers in Neuroscience, Section Brain Imaging Methods
    Volume 11, Article 696, December 2017, Pages 1–11
    open access

  4. Image-based vs. Mesh-based Statistical Appearance Model of the Human Femur: Implications for Finite Element Simulations
    S. Bonaretti, C. Seiler, C. Boichon, M. Reyes, and P. Büchler
    Medical Engineering and Physics, Volume 36, Issue 12, December 2014, Pages 1626–1635
    pdf, DOI

  5. Time-Lapse Microscopy and Classification of 2D Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Based on Cell Shape Picks Up Myogenic from Osteogenic and Adipogenic Differentiation
    C. Seiler, A. Gazdhar, M. Reyes, L.M. Benneker, T. Geiser, K.A. Siebenrock, and B. Gantenbein-Ritter
    Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Volume 8, Issue 9, September 2014, Pages 737–746
    pdf, DOI

  6. Discussion of “Geodesic Monte Carlo on Embedded Manifolds”
    P. Diaconis, C. Seiler, and S. Holmes
    Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, Volume 41, Issue 1, March 2014, Pages 3–7
    pdf, journal

  7. Validity of an Automatic Measure Protocol in Distal Femur for Allograft Selection from a Three-Dimensional Virtual Bone Bank System
    L. Ritacco, C. Seiler, G. Farfalli, L. Nolte, M. Reyes, D. Muscolo, and L. Tinao
    Cell and Tissue Banking, Volume 14, Issue 2, June 2013, Pages 213–220
    pdf, DOI

  8. Capturing the Multiscale Anatomical Shape Variability with Polyaffine Transformation Trees
    C. Seiler, X. Pennec, and M. Reyes
    Medical Image Analysis, Volume 16, Issue 7, October 2012, Pages 1371–1384
    pdf, DOI

  9. Statistical Model Based Shape Prediction from a Combination of Direct Observations and Various Surrogates: Application to Orthopaedic Research
    R. Blanc, C. Seiler, G. Székely, L. Nolte, and M. Reyes
    Medical Image Analysis, Volume 16, Issue 6, August 2012, Pages 1156–1166
    pdf, DOI

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

  1. Bayesian Statistics in Computational Anatomy
    C. Seiler
    Statistical Shape and Deformation Analysis: Methods, Implementations & Applications (G. Zheng, S. Li, and G. Székely, eds.), Chapter 8, Academic Press, March 2017, Pages 193–214
    pdf, DOI

  2. Hierarchical Markov Random Fields Applied to Model Soft Tissue Deformations on Graphics Hardware
    C. Seiler, P. Büchler, L.-P. Nolte, R. Paulsen, and M. Reyes
    Recent Advances in the 3D Physiological Human (N. Magnenat-Thalmann, J.J. Zhang, and D.D. Feng, eds.), Chapter 9, Springer London, July 2009, Pages 133–148
    pdf, DOI

Peer-Reviewed Conference and Workshop Papers

  1. Positive Curvature and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
    C. Seiler, S. Rubinstein-Salzedo, and S. Holmes
    NIPS, December, 2014, Montreal, Canada
    (Acceptance rate: 414 of 1678 papers = 25%)
    pdf, poster

  2. Spatio-Temporal Dimension Reduction of Cardiac Motion for Group-Wise Analysis and Statistical Testing
    K. McLeod, C. Seiler, M. Sermesant, and X. Pennec
    MICCAI, Nagoya, Japan, LNCS, Volume 8150, Part II, September 2013, Pages 501–508
    (Acceptance rate: 262 of 798 papers = 33%)

  3. Random Spatial Structure of Geometric Deformations and Bayesian Nonparametrics
    C. Seiler, X. Pennec, and S. Holmes
    GSI, Paris, France, LNCS, Volume 8085, Part III, August 2013, Pages 120–127
    pdf, talk (youtube), discussion (youtube)

  4. Regional Analysis of Left Ventricle Function using a Cardiac-Specific Polyaffine Motion Model
    K. McLeod, C. Seiler, Nicolas Toussaint, M. Sermesant, and X. Pennec
    FIMH, London, UK, LNCS, Volume 7945, June 2013, Pages 483–490

  5. Simultaneous Multiscale Polyaffine Registration by Incorporating Deformation Statistics
    C. Seiler, X. Pennec, and M. Reyes
    MICCAI, Nice, France, LNCS, Volume 7511, Part II, October 2012, Pages 130–137
    (Acceptance rate: 248 of 779 papers = 32%)
    pdf, DOI

  6. Population-Based Design of Mandibular Plates Based on Bone Quality and Morphology
    H. Bousleiman, C. Seiler, T. Iizuka, L. Nolte, and M. Reyes
    MICCAI, Nice, France, LNCS, Volume 7510, Part I, October 2012, Pages 66–73
    (Acceptance rate: 248 of 779 papers = 32%)
    pdf, DOI

  7. A Near-Incompressible Poly-Affine Motion Model for Cardiac Function Analysis
    K. McLeod, C. Seiler, A. Prakosa, M. Sermesant, and X. Pennec
    STATCOM Workshop, MICCAI, Nice, France, October 2012

  8. Geometry-Aware Multiscale Image Registration Via OBBTree-Based Polyaffine Log-Demons
    C. Seiler, X. Pennec, and M. Reyes
    MICCAI, Toronto, Canada, LNCS, Volume 6892, Part II, September 2011, Pages 631–638
    Young Scientist Award
    (Top 5 out of the majority of 819 papers written by PhD students and postdocs)
    Student Travel Award and Oral Podium Presentation
    (Acceptance rate: 34 of 819 papers = 4.2%)
    pdf, DOI

  9. Mesh-based vs. Image-based Statistical Model of Appearance of the Human Femur: A Preliminary Comparison Study for the Creation of Finite Element Meshes
    S. Bonaretti, C. Seiler, C. Boichon, P. Büchler, and M. Reyes
    MeshMed Workshop, MICCAI, Toronto, Canada, September 2011

  10. Femur Specific Polyaffine Model to Regularize the Log-domain Demons Registration
    C. Seiler, X. Pennec, L. Ritacco, and M. Reyes
    SPIE Medical Imaging (Image Processing), Orlando, USA, February 2011
    pdf, DOI

  11. Atlas-Based Segmentation of Brain Tumor Images Using a Markov Random Field-Based Tumor Growth Model and Non-Rigid Registration
    S. Bauer, C. Seiler, T. Bardyn, P. Büchler, and M. Reyes
    EMBC, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 2010, Pages 4080–4083
    pdf, DOI

  12. Parametric Regression of 3D Medical Images Through the Exploration of Non-Parametric Regression Models
    C. Seiler, X. Pennec, and M. Reyes
    ISBI, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 2010, Pages 452–455
    pdf, DOI

  13. Combined Statistical Model of Bone Shape and Mechanical Properties for Bone and Implant Modeling
    S. Bonaretti, M. Kistler, C. Seiler, M. Reyes, and P. Büchler
    CMBBE, Valencia, Spain, February 2010

  14. Conditional Variability of Statistical Shape Models Based on Surrogate Variables
    R. Blanc, M. Reyes, C. Seiler, and G. Székely
    MICCAI, London, UK, LNCS, Volume 5762, Part II, September 2009, Pages 84–91
    (Acceptance rate: 32%)
    pdf, DOI

Conference Abstracts

  1. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Classification During Differentiation Based on Shape Information
    C. Seiler, A. Gazdhar, T. Geiser, M. Reyes, and B. Gantenbein-Ritter
    TERMIS, Galway, Ireland, June 2010

  2. Automatic Landmark Propagation for Left and Right Symmetry Assessment of Tibia and Femur: A Computational Anatomy Based Approach
    C. Seiler, S. Weber, W. Schmidt, F. Fischer, N. Reimers, and M. Reyes
    CAOS, Boston, USA, June 2009


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  1. Trees on Geometrical Deformations to Model the Statistical Variability of Organs in Medical Images
    C. Seiler
    PhD Thesis, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and University of Bern, September 2012

  2. Displacement Vector Field Regularization for Modelling of Soft Tissue Deformations
    C. Seiler
    MSc Thesis, University of Bern, June 2008